Dinner and TV… Crab cakes, falafel, and Pete & Pete… FTW.

My brother is far from a picky eater; I am just more experimental in my dining habits than he.  So when I am feeling energized and he’s not around, I make food that he wouldn’t eat.

Friday’s menu was crab cakes, falafel, and baked tomatoes.

The crab cakes (aka crabby patties … No, I don’t have kids, but my nephews lived with me for a long enough period of time in the past that I use terms like crabby patties, porky chops, coufa (couch + sofa),  and poop brain without

Crabby Patties

Call me Spongebob, because I am a crabby patty fry cook. And yes, I whipped out the digi cam 🙂

any second thought) were pretty good.  They were not frozen, “freshly made” from my friendly neighbourhood grocery store.  Crab meat, mayo, onion, pepper, breadcrumbs… basic seasoning. I fried them up, and bam, they were done. They didn’t taste like they were loaded with fillers, and actually did flake.  I’ve never made homemade crabby patties, because I’m the only one who eats them, but maybe I’ll attempt them when sister-in -law visits next month (plus, I saw an awesome idea for a spicy mayo as a dipping sauce).

Extreme Falafel!! Extreme Closeup!!! You can see the herbs and spices in these puppies.

The falafel.. not bad, not bad at all.  The falafel was found in my grocer’s freezer. I was looking for something starchy, but not the normal potato or pasta deal (though there were

sweet potato pancakes and a sweet potato

souffle that caught my eye).  They were easy–put in oven, bake, voila.  They turned out pretty good… a box was $3.99, which is more than I’d usually pay for a frozen item, but it was kosher ethnic–of course they would charge more for it.  I didn’t make Tzatziki (wow, i just spelled that correctly the first time) or Tahini sauce, but I still have half a box in the freezer, so maybe next time…

So then I felt weird not having a vegetable, so I found some Roma tomatoes,

Tomatoes with Bleu Cheese and Breadcrumbs

I realized I could use zoom and not risk melting my camera.

sliced them in half, and topped them with bleu cheese crumbles and bread crumbs and a drizzle of olive oil, and popped them in the oven  Not so bad for a quickie.  Next time I might try feta and oregano (get your Greek on), but these were decent.  I betcha they would have been ultra rad on the grill, or if I would have properly broiled them instead of just popped them in the hot oven.

A pretty good meal.  I personally like stuff to dip my food in (I like moisture), but the tomatoes helped break up the dryness a bit.

While eating, I popped in a DVD from the first season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete.  It was a tv show in the 90s that aired on Nick, and it’s extremely clever.  There are two brothers (both named Pete–their mom wanted them to have rhyming names) who get in all sorts of goofy situations that stem from normal, real life experiences–fighting bedtimes, New Years resolutions, trying to find the ice cream man, killing the school mascot.  There is a superhero named Artie, The Strongest Man in the World who lives in a porta-potty and likes funk music.  Petes’ mom’s metal plate in her head gets props in the intro credits.  It features some crazy ass guest stars, like Iggy Pop, Michael Stipe (from R.E.M.), one of the ladies from B-52s (Kate Pierson, maybe?), and Steve Buscemi.  But above all, it’s super funny and witty, and a great remembrance of my childhood.  I read a review that it was the “alternative” kids show in the 90s, and it’s so true–most of my friends who love the indie and alt scenes were watching this quality programming growing up.  And it’s funny, because I don’t remember anyone else growing up besides me watching it… and not surprisingly, I didn’t really identify with any of my friends growing up.

It’s been a long weekend.  Friday was kayaking, Saturday was cleaning up litter alongside of the highway, and today was a trip to the dirt mall (I got squash for mega cheap, including a Pattypan!  I’m so excited!).  My bed is calling me.  Peace out, cub scouts.


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