Comfort Food (PA Dutch / Amish Sandwich Spread) and Someone(s) to Love

I haven’t written in a few days.  I’ve been busy, because I’ve become a mommy, you see.

I introduce to you:


Bruce is a boob man.

Mr. Bruce Shitty Kitty Springsteen and Dr. Beth Love.  And yes, I really did find her sleeping in my crock pot.

cat in crock pot

I can haz a crock pot?!

My mom was a firm believer that we get what we want when we need it.  Erm, or something like that.  In other words, I was quasi searching for a pet, and they popped into my life.  I’m not really a cat person, but they were abandoned at the farmhouse of my brother’s coworker, and when he sent me pics of them I fell in love with the cuties.

My semi-odd choices of names?  Well, I like music, and Bruce Springsteen is one of my faves (OMG I touched him during “Hungry Heart” last year at a concert.  Holy shit.) The second day I had the kittens I was listening to his version of “Jersey Girl” (from his live album… and just as an fyi, I can’t stand Jersey, as in the state.).  And anyway, Bruce’s ears perked up, and he had this really content look on his face as he snuggled into my arm. Then another song popped on, and he started going nuts and kept sniffing at my ipod.

Dr. Love’s name came similarly.  She was playing with a toy in the living room, and that commercial with Kiss for Dr. Pepper came on.  She stopped playing and stared at the tv.  I mean STARED. I don’t know if Gene Simmons frightened her or what.  My brother also noticed how she was amazed by it.

The next day, I listened to some Kiss, and just like her brother sniffed and got excited during the whole “Born to Run” album, Dr. Love got excited when I listened to “God Gave Rock and Roll To You.”  She kneaded her paws and sniffed the ipod.  That night, the Dr. Pepper commercial came on TV, and I picked her up and stood in front of the TV… and my little wiggle worm again stared at the commercial (which features the song ‘Calling Dr. Love.’  Hence Dr. Beth Love.

Anyway, I think they are what I needed.  It’s been six years since I had a pet, and even though I’m not overly a pet person, it’s nice to have a companion (or in my case, two!).

They are absolutely adorable.  They use the box and eat appropriate food and don’t scratch.  Dr. Love is shy but sleeps in my bed with me and comes to greet me when I walk in the house.  Bruce is a bit more adventurous and sucks on my ear lobe.

I am not sure if it feels better to love them, or better that they love me.

Anyway, on to food.  I’m going to keep this brief because I’m tired.  I had some good eats this week, but I’m going to talk about my fave meal from this week: the Amish ham and cheese salad sammich / PA Dutch sammich spread.

The Rye-Pumpernickel swirl bread is a nice touch, yes?

I honestly have no clue what this stuff is called.  We always referred to it as “the ham and cheese stuff.”  My mom picked it up from a cooking show that was on PBS; it had some woman who did PA Dutch and Amish cooking and stuff.  No, she wasn’t Amish… I almost want to say she was from Ohio (though we know where the real Amish country is!).

I know it sounds grosstastic, but it’s flippin amazing.  Growing up, this shit was my comfort food.  It was an awesome treat for lunch.  At my last job, I made it for myself on my first day of work.

It is:

Ham (I almost feel like the real recipe was a pound of ham and a pound of cheese, but I don’t make that much at a time)
Swiss cheese
Caraway seeds (optional)
Rye bread

1.  Alright, by ham and cheese, I mean of the lunchmeat variety.  You cut this stuff into strips.  Julienne?  I don’t know the correct term.

2.  Add drained sauerkraut.  Sorry I have no clue how much.  You drain it, though, because if not it gets sloppy.  I’m so German I totally take a few swigs of the juice before draining the rest down the sink. Gross, right?

3.  Add mayo.  Again, sorry I don’t know how much.  I use light mayo.  I prefer it to the normal stuff.  Just till it looks good, I guess.

If this is wrong, I never want to be right. The small slices of the bread didn't have the pumpernickel swirl, by the way. 😦

4.  Add caraway seeds.  I guess these are an acquired taste, because I wasn’t a big fan of them growing up but now I’m alright with them.  They pack a wallop of taste, plus add some interesting texture to the mix.  You could just get rye bread with seeds, too.  I’m aware that you can buy Bavarian sauerkraut in the food shop that has seeds in it, but I dunno.  It tastes too sweet to me.

5.  Put this sandwich stuff on some rye or pumpernickel.

6.  Eat.  Say Nom Nom Nom while eating.  It makes it even better!!!

I made this a few days ago, and sooooo good.  It was a super hot day, because we have been going through the  Heatpocalypse (The Snowpocalypse’s evil brother), and I didn’t feel like using a stove or oven or even a grill.

I paired them with some Pepper Relish potato chips.  They were quite tasty!  They had a sweet but sour taste–like pepper relish, actually.  My brother who doesn’t like bell peppers thought they were outta sight as well.  A pickle would have been good, but somehow I don’t have any in my fridge.  Probably because I ate them all. Haha.  Humour.

Alright, I’m outta here.  Super mega tired, and haven’t been sleepin well lately.  I’ve been very unsettled lately, which isn’t a good feeling.

Oh well, until next time… meow.  🙂


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